Sunday, September 25, 2011

Posted by on September 25, 2011

Nice, peaceful weekend on the Malecon this week, a weekend for lazy strolls, noticing unusual things and simply enjoying being in our little town on the Sea. Lots of our snowbirds have been coming back into town, others are getting ready (and excited) to be back. Welcome home to everyone!

Pelican Soars on the Thermals Rising Over the Malecon

Perfect Day for a Lazy Stroll...Never Know What You'll Find!

You Can Find All Sorts of Things...

Are you in San Felo already? Getting excited to be here? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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  1. Pierre Duran

    You need to keep posting these scene from the Malecon. Im sure you can find plenty of things to work with on here in San Felipe. Thanks for your time & giving me a little feel of my 2nd home I miss.

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    • BajaC

      Thanks Pierre!

      Am a little behind, but expect lots more pics soon! Especially with Shrimp Festival 2011 coming up! So glad you are enjoying the Scene on the Malecon!

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  2. Pierre Duran

    No Thank you. I was practicly born in San Felipe in have had history there with my fam of over 30 yrs! Its a shame that I couldnt make it down this summer. In 2010 I made it down every 3 months or so. Things have been tough, but I look forward to getting back asap. Its just really technical to get friends to go down with me. I love San Felipe & its sad because its completelt safe going down there. All the bad news on the country plagues the truth that its not like that in Baja. I feel safer on the streets of the Malecon at night than these streets of LA. I look forward to seeing a change for the better here in the states & I hope I can see San Felipe progress through everything as far as construction being done. There are some potentially really nice hotels that are short of being done… Cant wait to see the town be recognized for its destinct location, beauty, & all the tranquil relaxation that is a part of being there. Thank you again for making me feel closer to mi casita que tiene el mar sabroso!

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