Sunday, November 27, 2011 – Construction on the Malecon

Posted by on November 27, 2011

Construction has begun on the Malecon! Friday saw the construction team breaking ground on the south end of the Malecon, smashing sidewalks on both sides of the street to begin the process of placing utilities underground.

The sidewalk next to the Costa Azul hotel has been broken up...

...As well as the sidewalk on the opposite side. Vendors are adjusting to the temporary lack of display space.

The south sidewalk from one end... the other end!

Yay for progress!  Are you excited to see the start of construction and looking forward to the result of all the work? Leave a comment below!  We will be following the progress of the construction with new picture updates!

Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend!


8 Responses to Sunday, November 27, 2011 – Construction on the Malecon

  1. Robin Waters

    Do you have any completion drawings??? – What is it going to look like, and any guestimate of completion date?? (or suggested date)

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    • BajaC

      Don’t have any drawings yet, but would love to get some! One of the workers on the site yesterday said that they are estimating the first stage of taking out the sidewalks and putting utilities underground to be about 6 months, but everything is on Mexican time of course! Still, is exciting to see things happening!

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  2. Rob Hoare

    Personally I don’t think making one short stretch of street a bit prettier will make any difference at all to the number of tourists (and if it doesn’t, what is the point?).

    A million dollars would go a long way towards subsidising an air service, or even just a direct (free?) bus from Yuma for tourists, or to create local hotel/RV park discount vouchers.

    In other words, on projects which would directly result in more visitor dollars being spent, not just a public works project.

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    • BajaC

      While all of those possible projects you mention sound like good ideas that can (and should!) definitely be worked into courses of action, San Felipe does have a fair bit of clean-up due. Drawing the tourists here is wonderful, it’s so good to see the town bustling and happy. But on the other hand, San Felipe needs to work at becoming a place where tourists can’t wait to return to. It already has the charm of a relaxed Mexican town, but a bit of polishing can go a long way.

      True, making one stretch of street a bit prettier may not have a huge impact, however, if it is accompanied by more attention overall to improving San Felipe’s image, then it can be a very worthwhile investment. Attention to littering, public restrooms and making sure the beach is cared for are all things that desperately need attention. Placing utilities underground needs to be just a beginning, but if it flows into improving other aspects of San Felipe, and creates new standards that spread to the rest of the town, then that will be a long-term benefit that keeps tourists returning (and spending) for years to come.

      Hopefully the effort does not end with the street construction! :)

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  3. Pierre Duran

    Cant wait to walk the sidewalk with a coco in 1 hand & 2 beers in the other!

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  4. Robert Castaneda

    The project on the Malecon is a result of the CDESF/ The Council for Economic Development and is one of many projects to come. The entire Malecon is going to be refaced with a new fresher look. There is a rendering of the project in the SECTUR office on the entrance to the Malecon on Chetumel. The airline project is underway and negotions are under way with several carriers to bring regular flights to San Felipe. Many other projects are in enviromental survey stages and funding is being budgeted in for future projects. We are also working on getting the government to issue Totuaba Fishing Permits based on a current marine study to help bring in more tourism. You are all welcome to attend CDESF meetings to see what other projects are in the works.

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    • BajaC

      Thanks so much for the update and info Robert!

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  5. Fillup40

    Should be vary nice in the end.

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