Saturday, February 11, 2012

Posted by on February 11, 2012

There is always something to catch your eye in San Felipe… from the grand, panoramic vistas to the tiniest details in the sand…

San Felipe from the South...

A Panga bobs at sea...

A Feather comes to rest on the beach...

Prints in the sand hint at a previous visitor...

Peaceful and Pristine...

Have a wonderful weekend all and get out for a stroll in San Felipe… see what you discover!

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  1. Walt Kaiser

    I live in Campos Los Compadres and am an avid photographer. If you’d like I can e-mail you some of the better ones I have taken from the areas surrounding San Felipe. I enjoy looking for your updates as they supply a nice perspective on San Felipe.
    Walt Kaiser
    BTW check out my website for a few pics of sunsets here.

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    • BajaC

      Hi Walt,

      I would love it if you could email me some of your photos. Will email you with more info!


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