Wednesday, March 21. 2012

Posted by on March 21, 2012

Sorry for the long break in postings, but new photos are back for the beginning of Spring in the Baja!  So far San Felipe’s been having a great year, with Festivals and Events, especially the San Felipe 250 Race, which was excellent this year:

Rob MacCachren gives interviews after winning the 2012 San Felipe 250

Motorcyle roars into the Finish Line of the San Felipe 250

Construction on the new Malecon has progressed, with completion nearing in May…

Goodbye to the old phone booths along the Malecon... the cell phone age is here!

Weather is warming up and soon we’ll all be either in the ocean, in a pool, or in the shade with a cold cerveza…

The season is coming to hit the beach!

and the El Dorado water volleyball teams are already hard at work!

Just make sure you wear your sunscreen and a hat…

The ideal hat...

Get ready to have a great Baja Spring everybody!

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