Thursday May 10, 2012 – Mexico Mother’s Day

Posted by on May 10, 2012

Beautiful May Days! A lot has been going on in the little town by the sea… Today is Mother’s Day in Mexico, celebrated with song and Fireworks at midnight, and spreading into a beautiful day to commemorate the Mothers, Mommys and Moms.

The past weekend saw a great Chili Cookoff celebration:

A Fun n' Fiery Chili Cookoff 2012!

It’s been heating up in San Felipe, making it perfect weather for a sail around the bay…

Hop Aboard!

With some icy cold ones afterwards…


The perfect time for a little beach trip or mini-vacation, so head down and enjoy it with us!

So head on down to San Felo...

You can check out more photos from the Chili Cookoff HERE! Hope everyone is having an excellent week, have fun plans for the weekend and is staying cool!

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