Monday, July 16, 2012

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After a bit of a break in postings, Scene on the Malecon is back, and will be updating regularly again!

A lot has been going on on the Malecon lately, and unfortunately, not all of it has been good. Due to July’s high tides, a large portion of the Malecon wall fell over onto the beach, and solutions are still being sought as to its repair.

Wall toppled by July's tides...

However, despite the crumbled wall, the Malecon was still a bustling hub of activity this weekend, with a lot of people hitting the beach and meandering down the sidewalk, with cars lined up along the seaside street.

San Felipe’s goal of beautifying its main street has also progressed, despite the setback, and very nice trash cans have been placed along the Malecon, as well as new benches to give the crowds a place to rest their feet and take in the ocean view.

New Benches and Bins

Progress has been catching on all over San Felipe… from the Malecon work, to Public Spaces Adoption program (You can currently adopt a section of the Chetumal median), to Calimax coming to San Felipe, and even more stores seem to be opening, re-opening or undergoing renovations.


A new clothing store is moving in downtown.

These warm July evenings are the perfect time for a stroll down the beach, relax, take in the sites, and keep an eye out for these little blue guys, who have washed up here and there along the shore:


Washed up on the beach

Hope everyone had a fun, safe weekend and are ready for the week! Check back again soon for more Scene on the Malecon!

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