A Trip North – Friday, September 21, 2012

Posted by on September 21, 2012

Venturing a bit off the Malecon this week, it was time to embark on a trip that we almost all have made, some of us many times: The trip north across the border to the USA. It typically starts early in the morning, usually on a day that is not the weekend, in hopes of catching a lull in the traffic and border wait times. A brief pause at the military stop, and then the winding down the long stretches of Highway 5, (slowing for the construction lately!) It is a long drive, sometimes a rather tedious drive, though if you take a look out the window with fresh eyes, the mountains and dramatic, flat Salada really do make rather interesting setting. The sun might be rising to the east as you’re driving and hopefully you have some company along to make small talk and enjoy the drive with.

Once the border is reached however, and progress slows, and you might look out the window and spot interesting things there as well.

Like up-side down Topes ahead.

You might be tempted to buy something.

Like a mustache. You've always wanted a mustache.

And once you’ve gotten across, you might go on the usual shopping rush, groceries, little items difficult to find in San Felipe, a visit to the bank, maybe a stop by the mall or the movie theater.  Heading home though, if you have a little extra time, it can be fun to explore a bit. You might want to try dropping by Plaza La Cachanilla in Mexicali – a big mall just off the highway.  This in itself can be a little adventure. The mall has plenty of room to wander, with dozens upon dozens of stores, food court, and a surplus of fountains. If your feet are feeling a little weary, there is a small train winding its way around to give the scenic route.

Plaza La Cachanilla

See what's on sale at the "Oh my God" boutique.

And after your little adventures to the north, you can wind your way back down the highway to home by the Sea… and relax.

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  1. Warrne

    Cool write up, the only difference for us is we have Sentri and breeze across the border :-)

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