Thursday, May 16, 2013 – Familiar Sights in San Felipe

Posted by on May 16, 2013

There are definitely some common sights in San Felipe – if you’ve been here, you’ve seen them:

The Salsa Lineup

A visit to a taco cart is not complete without a full lineup of hot sauce, ready and waiting to cater to any particular taste!

Brilliant Sails Drifting By - Photo by Rebecca Gallo

The bright colors of sailboats are a constant along the beach, especially during the warmer months… what a great way to spend an morning or afternoon too!

Cerveza Galore!

And of course, the San Felipe beverage of choice, ice cold cervezas!

What is your favorite little trait of San Felipe? Leave a comment below!

4 Responses to Thursday, May 16, 2013 – Familiar Sights in San Felipe

  1. Dario de Baja

    I enjoy all of these. But my favorite things are watching as local Mx. families walk together down the Malecon while Musical Trubadors play and sing Real Mexican Folk Music. These are things most people only have the luxury of seeing on TV. We on the other hand get to live the dream. The dream most others can only imagine through a camera lens. We are indeed blessed!

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  2. Jan Hernandez

    My favorite part of the Malecon has to be the Mexican people and how hard they work each day to bring us beautifully crafted treasures, a good meal or cold beverage. They go out of their way for us Americans and are happy to do it. Salute to all of those hard working individuals with warm smiles on their faces. God Bless and keep you well!

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  3. Rosamaria V. Hilterbrant

    I’m living in Torrance Ca. LA. for 23 years, I just have a small pension, but some people been telling me, if a move out of USA I can have better living, observing the expensive life here, and loving the beach, San Felipe is in my drems to spend the rest of my life. What else can be good, it is close to the border to keep in touch with my dougther, pretty beach too, forward I will stay in tranquility place in my mexico lindo y querido. See you there soon.!

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  4. Rosamaria V. Hilterbrant

    See you there soon, on four of july we will check places and enjoy the delicious fisch tacos, bee good,with others and take care the environment see you………Rose, Catherin and Richard Hilterbrant

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