Tuesday, May 7, 2013 – New El Dorado Pool

Posted by on May 7, 2013

The new El Dorado Pool is now open — main pool, volleyball pool and hot tub!

The big pool has a shallow ledge with loungers to lay out, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Having the volleyball pool separate also allows volleyball to be played throughout the day. The hot tub is at a steaming 108ºF, and there are tiled shower facilities outside as well as shower/changing stalls in the bathrooms. Swimmers can bring their own coolers with beverages and snacks, or pool staff will deliver food and drinks.

Main Pool

Volleyball Pool

Hot Tub

Shower Facilities

Perfect timing for the summer heat!


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  1. robin ovid

    Love the new pool! Worth the wait and just in time for the Summer heat.
    Everyone who worked tirelessly to make this happen deserve a standing ovation.

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