Sunday, August 18, 2013 – Enjoying the Malecon in August

Posted by on August 18, 2013

San Felipe is mired right in the middle of August these days, and when we venture outside from the refrigerated gusts of the A/C, we are (very!) warmly greeted by the humidity and sunshine. Strolls during the heat of the day may leave you feeling a bit steamed, but during dusk and early evening, it’s still a great time to wander San Felipe’s main street. Bring a bathing suit to take a dip in the sea if you like too — it really does feel like sinking into a warm bath!

Remodeling of San Felipe's main Street is ongoing

From the beach or the Malecon wall, you can watch the families visiting from Mexicali, San Luis, California and other places as well as the locals taking wild rides on the banana boats, browning themselves in the sun, gliding by on a sailboat or just enjoying doing nothing.

The Malecon Reflected

The restaurants along the Malecon are constantly cooking up something delicious, and you can still stop in and have a delicious taco meal for only a few dollars, or just chill with a frosty mojito in hand and survey everyone else who is out for a stroll.

Pick up a treat while you're out!

Wrap up your little outing with a frozen Paleta. These little popsicle-style treats are made with cream and fruit and are the favorite of many!

August is definitely a slower month, but still is a nice month for relaxation. What do you do during the summer in San Felipe? Leave a comment below!

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