Sunday, August 25, 2013 – Street Vendors and Storm-Watching

Posted by on August 25, 2013

One thing you can count on being able to find on the Malecon is vendors eager to sell you all sorts of souvenirs, braid your hair into cornrows or supply you with sunhats. (And if you can’t find them, they’ll find you).

Even the kids venture out with trinkets to sell.

Braiding hair

Meanwhile, on Saturday, visiting beachgoers stretched out on the beach, leaped in the surf and sat back on the wall taking in the scenes and watching the clouds over the sea bits of Tropical Storm Ivo drifted over.

Soft clouds on the horizon and rain in the forecast, tourists take in the beach while it's still sunny.

Another great day in San Felipe! Today we have soft rain falling, gently cleansing the air and washing everything fresh. With sun most days of the year, it really is a treat to have a bit of rainy weather, and everyone enjoys the soft drips, shows of lightning and deep clouds whenever we get one.

Thank you for reading Scene on the Malecon, and please take a moment from your busy day to leave a comment below and share your favorite part of the Malecon, or your rainy-day San Felipe sentiments!

6 Responses to Sunday, August 25, 2013 – Street Vendors and Storm-Watching

  1. Nancy Wettach

    I love the weather and most of all the local people! Can’t wait to come back for the winter months!

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  2. danny

    Love to get up-dated pictures from San Felipe. I feel it keeps me in touch with the town. Please do them more frequently.


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  3. walt Kaiser

    We miss our home in San Felipe. We live in Campo los Compadres. We have been coming here for 6 years now and are amazed at the growth and change in town as well as in the ejido. We tell our friends we live in San Felipe and visit the states.
    Walt and Judy Kaiser

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  4. Cindy Wolff

    We just heard from someone in the South Campos that they had received a major amount of rain yesterday. But from your reports, it does not look as though it hit as hard in San Felipe. Does anyone know? It sounded as though there was so much rain it might have washed out roads? yards? etc.
    Can anyone comment, please?
    Lovely photos, by the way. CW

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    • BajaC

      Hi Cindy! The weather in San Felipe was very local, downtown got a nice shower last night, while El Dorado got a drenching the night before, and areas down south got a lot of rain. We’re waiting for reports of any damage now, but things seem to be fine. The San Felipe – Ensenada road suffered some washouts, while the Hwy 5 remained relatively unaffected. We will be publishing a road report on tonight!

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    Remember oh so many years ago sat on the Malecon at 3 in the morning with the Pescadores and Pat Wilmarth [I think a bottle oF Don Pedro was involved to] Singing are heads off.What wonderful happy times we all had in San Felipe. The people just embraced us and tolerated all the craziness with a smile and a laugh. [Loco Gringo’s] The magic the place has is overwhelming

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