A Stroll Down Curio Street – Friday, March 21, 2014

Posted by on March 21, 2014

Avenida Mar de Cortez, fondly nicknamed “Curio Street” is the street just behind the Malecon. Little shops line either side of the street, selling souvenirs, from Mexican blankets, swimsuits, race T-shirts, sundresses, sandals, kids toys, knicknacks and keychains, shot glasses and home decor items. Along this street, you’ll also find Bancomer, the Plazita shopping mall, and the latest large clothing store, “Sensacion.” Keep wandering further down and you’ll spy an OXXO, locals lounging outside at Fat Boy’s Pizza,  Chumpos, the local breakfast nook and ice cream parlour, The Green House restaurant, and more! Of course, this is San Felipe, so you’ll never know what else you might see down there!

You might spot a vaquero riding down the street!

You might spot a vaquero riding down the street!

1-photo 4

Soon you’ll also be meandering by a new Guadalupana pharmacy, going in next to Bancomer

1-photo 5

One of Rancho Costa Verde’s tour buses rolls into town!

Focus may be on the Malecon with it’s lovely seafront and action, but Curio Street has its own charm as well – don’t miss it!




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