Thursday, April 9, 2015 – Those Vistas of the Beach!

Posted by on April 9, 2015

Ok, so one of the major things San Felipe is known for is this:


Oh my wow, Beaches.

The incredible expanses of beach are enough to inspire any avid beachcomber, tan-seeker or builder of sand castles. If you’ve been gone from San Felipe for any length of time, you’ll find yourself missing strolls along the golden sand, with the tide lapping lazily by your feet. Even if you prefer to keep the sand out of your shoes, you can still catch the seaside vibe along the Malecon while ordering up tacos. You’ll catch views of the sea and sand from almost anywhere around town, from the north, to downtown, to south, and each beachy area has it’s own little character.

Hmmm... something's missing from this view....

Hmmm… something’s missing from this view….

Ah, that's better.

Ah, that’s better.

Nothing says welcome to San Felipe like a seaside cerveza. Admittedly, it’s hard to catch San Felipe during a time when there is not some exciting little festival going on (usually centered around a delicious food), but even if you come during a slow time, the beach is always here, open and awaiting. (And if it seems like we brag about it a lot….well, we do. For good reason.)


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  1. Dan E Sosa

    I just love what you do with this forum of San Felipe i wish i can see more of it ,i check the weather site just to see the ocean, from the Web cam makes me take a deep breath every time and wish to be there more often thank you for your Services
    much blesses to you and Yours!..” from N. HOLLy Ca…

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