Saturday, June 20, 2015 – The Summer Heat is Here!

Posted by on June 20, 2015

Ok, so it seems like now it’s official. Temps are brushing the 80s and the humidity’s rising people! Summer here we come. It can feel a little repressive right as it sets in, but within a few days it seems that an acclimatization happens, and we’re ready to handle the July-August-September stretch.

Photos by Luis Almodovar.

Beyond the sand...the sea!

Beyond the sand…the sea!

Of course, summer does have its little perks. The beer seems frigid by comparison to the outdoors, and you have the beach to yourself!

All yours.

All yours.

The pace of life slows down, so if you want to take a little getaway trip (road trip through the States? visit to Canada?) you won’t miss any major events in San Felipe. Because once it starts cooling down you know, you just can’t leave without missing something fun.

Isn't this just such a chill beach?

Isn’t this just such a chill beach?

So while it might seem a little blah if you don’t like the heat, settle back and embrace the San Felipe summer for what it is. Stock up on ice, buy a new sombrero, hang up a hammock and bask in it! Leave a comment below for your tips on handling the heat! (Also, don’t forget to call Dads tomorrow for Father’s Day!)

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